19-20th June 2020


2020 E-Congress

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Meeting Objectives

  • To share updates and recommendations from EULAR 2020 for management of all rheumatic diseases
  • To ensure continuity of education and up-to-date global knowledge transfer within the rheumatology community for coping with digital and technological approaches
  • Review the latest and updated topics presented at EULAR 2020, including original research, clinical reports, opinion pieces, and educational information
  • To focus on newly released data presented for the first time at EULAR 2020

Meeting Agenda

Friday 19th June 2020

Saturday 20th June 2020

Time Session Speaker
19:15–19:20 Introduction and opening Hanan Al-Rayes
19:20–20:30 Session I Chair: Hussain Halabi
19:20–20:00 What’s New in RA? Mohammed Omair
20:00–20:30 JAK Inhibitors for the Treatment of Patients With RA:
Learnings From Real-World Experience*
Joel Kremer
20:30–20:45 Break
20:45–21:45 Session II Chair: Suzan Attar
20:45–21:15 Ankylosing Spondylitis Mohammad Bedaiwi
21:15–21:45 Psoriatic Arthritis Zeyad Alzahrani
21:45–22:45 Session III Chair: Ali Al-Rehaily
21:45–22:15 Crystal Deposition Arthritides and Osteoarthritis Mohamed Al-Attar
22:15–22:45 EULAR Update: COVID-19 and Rheumatic Diseases Sultana Abdul Aziz
22:45–23:00 Q&A and Discussion

*Pfizer Symposium

Day 1: Parallel sessions for pediatric rheumatologists

TBC Session I Chair: Suliman Al-Maayouf
21:45 – 22:15 JIA 2020: Up to date Reima Bakry
22:15–22:45 Pediatric Rheumatology in EULAR 2020: What is new? Abdul Aziz Al-Ruwais
22:45–23:00 Open Questions
Time Session Speaker
19:30 - 20:30 Session I Chair: Hanan Al-Rayes
19:15–20:00 Renal manifestations of SLE Ibrahim Al- Maghloth
20:00–20:30 Non-Renal manifestations of SLE Abdulaziz Alkhalaf
20:30–20:45 Break
20:45–21:45 Session II Chair: Sami Bahlas
20:45–21:15 Inflammatory Myopathies, Sjögren and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Fehaid Al-Enazy
21:15–21:45 Systemic sclerosis and Scleroderma Walid Hafiz
21:45–22:45 Session III Chair: Ramiz Al-Swailam
21:45–22:15 Large, Medium Vessel Vasculitis and Behçet’s Disease Mofadal Al Eithan
22:15–22:45 ANCA Associated Small Vessel Vasculitis Khawla Al-Ghanem
22:45–23:00 Open Questions
Wrap-Up and Closing